World out of balance

World Out of Balance is a call to action to the corporate community to understand the external world in order to engage it. It explains why compa- nies should develop their own structured, dynamic processes for reading the signs of change in a complex and often perplexing world, with at least one eye firmly directed toward the future. The objective is to sort false signals from meaningful developments so business leaders can anticipate and pre- pare for changes with the greatest potential impact on business operations down the road.

In World Out of Balance, Paul A. Laudicina, the managing director of A.T. Kearney’s prestigious Business Policy Council, provides a practical framework for making sense of changes in the external environment and offers straightforward scenarios of how the future global business environ- ment might evolve. His framework is based on what he has identified as five primary drivers of change — globalization, demographics, the new con- sumer, natural resources and the environment, and regulation and activism. Laudicina argues that today’s earth-shattering events are fundamentally different from those of previous eras of history, as technologies are collaps- ing distance and spawning unprecedented global interdependence. Only a disciplined strategy will embolden corporate management to engage the world and seize the many opportunities it presents.

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