Winning with people

What does it take to win with people? Good relationships are the foun- dation for achievement. Relationships are more than just the icing on the cake in life: They are the cake — the very substance we need to live suc- cessful and fulfilling lives.

Many people fall into the trap of taking relationships for granted. That’s not good because our ability to build and maintain healthy relation- ships is the single most important factor in how we get along in every area of life. Our people skills determine our potential success.

In this summary, renowned leadership expert and author John C. Maxwell describes how anyone can improve his or her relationship skills. With 25 “People Principles” that anyone can learn and use anywhere he or she might be, Maxwell shows how relationships can be created and strengthened for success in work and life.

Fortunately, Maxwell explains, anyone can learn to become a people person and succeed in the things that matter the most. This summary pro- vides the tools needed to immediately improve existing relationships as well as cultivate strong, exciting and new ones. The skills used plus the relation- ships chosen equal success.