Jon M. Huntsman started with practically nothing, and built a world-class business that carried him to Forbes’ list of America’s wealthiest people. In this summary, Huntsman, chairman and founder of Huntsman Corp., the world’s largest privately held chemical company, presents the principled lessons he has learned and followed throughout his lifetime. He also explains how busi- ness can return to the days when your word was your bond, a handshake was sacred, and swarms of lawyers weren’t needed to back it up.

Huntsman built his career and fortune on ethical principles — from his refusal of the Nixon administration’s corrupt demands, to his lifelong com- mitment to charity, to the way he approaches his biggest deals. In this sum- mary, Huntsman describes how readers can learn to listen to their moral compass, build teams with the highest values, share success, take responsibil- ity and earn the rewards that only come with giving back.

This summary also explains that you don’t live these principles just to “succeed”: You live them because they’re right. In an age of many business scandals, Huntsman’s life proves honesty is more than right: It’s your biggest competitive differentiator.