What’s Holding You Back?

The more responsibility a manager has, the more likely it is he or she will face tough decisions. Often, these hard choices determine the difference between suc- cess and mediocrity; yet many managers, when faced with tough decisions, crum- ble. Whether making decisions for a small group, a department, a division or the whole company, all managers have experienced situations where they know what they need to do, but also know that these steps will be unpopular. They worry that there is no ideal option, a lack of data, guaranteed disappointment or no quick fix — they need a long-term perspective. And they worry that their choices might be dead wrong. They will decide to delay, further analyze, massively com- promise, ignore the whole thing or employ any other tactic to avoid dealing with the situation.

What’s Holding You Back? offers leaders and managers the road map they need to confront difficult situations head-on. Robert J. Herbold clearly explains why managers fall victim to very human behaviors, such as avoiding conflict, striving for certainty, avoiding a career risk, a lack of self-confidence, a lack of a sense of urgency or protecting their turf, and details the larger consequences of this lack of courage. He then spells out the 10 core principles of confident leadership.