What got you here won’t get you there

In this book, Marshall Goldsmith begins by examining the trouble with success, explaining how previous accomplishments often prevent leaders from gaining more success. He analyzes why high achievers are so resistant to change due to their delusion of success, pointing out that they can’t see that what got them here won’t get them there.

These are people who do one annoying thing repeatedly on the job and don’t realize that this small flaw may sabotage their otherwise golden career. Worse yet, they do not realize that it’s happening and that they can fix it. Goldsmith details the 20 habits that hold you back from the top rung of the corporate ladder. In his experience, these are the most irritating interpersonal issues in the workplace. For each habit, he gives examples and practical solutions you can implement. He then describes the 21st habit, which stands separate from the other 20 habits –– not because it is a flaw, but because it is often the root of an annoying behavior.

Finally, Goldsmith addresses the problem of how you can change your interpersonal relationships for the better, and ensure that you make your behavioral changes permanent.

This summary reveals how you can identify which of these 20 habits apply to you, and how to choose the one or two you should focus on.