The business cycle has a profound impact on the fortunes and fate of many businesses large and small — and the employees and investors who depend on them. This summary offers a comprehensive guide to strategically and tactically managing the business cycle.

This summary shows you how to manage not just the business cycle and industry cycles, but also today’s unprecedented level of macroeconomic tur- bulence. It also shows you how to align every facet of business strategy, tac- tics and operations to reflect changing business conditions — so you can ride with the business cycle — not get run over.

You’ll also learn how to tailor your marketing messages and product lines to the business cycle “seasons;” manage production and inventories to antici- pate recessions, recoveries and sector rotation; exploit necessary “soft spots” to negotiate better deals; use tactical hedging and long-term contracts to insu- late against inflation; prepare for layoffs before a recession; hire earlier in an upswing, when you can “cherry pick” better staff at lower wages; and how to time strategic acquisitions, divestitures and major capital investments.

No matter what markets you serve, this summary can help you increase your profitability — every day, every quarter, every year.

Chu kỳ kinh doanh có tác động sâu sắc đến vận may và số phận của nhiều doanh nghiệp lớn và nhỏ – và các nhân viên và nhà đầu tư phụ thuộc vào họ. Tóm tắt này cung cấp một hướng dẫn toàn diện để quản lý chiến lược và chiến lược chu kỳ kinh doanh.

El ciclo económico tiene un profundo impacto en la suerte y el destino de muchas empresas grandes y pequeñas, y en los empleados e inversores que dependen de ellas. Este resumen ofrece una guía completa para administrar estratégica y tácticamente el ciclo económico.

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