The Trust Edge

In The Trust Edge, David Horsager reveals the foundation of genuine success — trust. Based on research but made practical for today’s leader, The Trust Edgeshows that trust is quantifiable and brings dramatic results to businesses and leaders. In this book, Horsager teaches readers how to build the Eight Pillars of Trust.

When leaders learn how to implement these pillars, they enjoy better relation- ships, reputations, retention, revenue and results. Fascinating and timely, The Trust Edge unveils how trust has the ability to accelerate or destroy any business, organi- zation or relationship. The lower the trust, the more time everything takes, the more everything costs and the lower the loyalty of everyone involved. Conversely, an environment of trust leads to greater innovation, morale and productivity. The trusted leader is followed. From the trusted salesperson, people will buy. For the trusted brand, people will pay more, come back and tell others. Trust, not money, is the currency of business and life!