The third opinion

The 21st century has dawned, and the requirements for leadership have fundamentally changed. Every day, leaders around the world face issues of complexity, uncertainty and sensitivity, requiring precise thinking and judg- ment at warp speed. Speed is a given, expertise is fleeting, and learning to trust others in your organization is trickier than ever. Authority has given way to influence. The leadership bar has been raised.

In The Third Opinion, Dr. Saj-nicole A. Joni notes that the raising of the bar has given way to an even greater challenge for leaders — determining to whom they can turn when experienced, trustworthy advice is required. Some leaders might turn to colleagues inside the organization for help; others might call upon a trusted adviser outside the company. There is, however, another opinion for which most people never ask: the third opinion — the unvarnished insight of a loyal and diverse inner circle of advisers, experts and mentors. This “outside insight” might just be the most important advice of all.