The solutions focus

Traditional approaches to problem-solving assume a cause and effect between problems and solutions. The Solutions Focus outlines a different way to attain goals that focuses on solutions not problems; the future not the past; and what to do as opposed to who to blame.

To illustrate, we’ll take an example in this summary: traffic jams on a highway caused by drivers abruptly changing lanes. The drivers behind the lane changers quickly apply the brakes, setting off a chain reaction that causes traffic down the line to come to a standstill. Examining the problem (drivers changing lanes) doesn’t lead to a solution — there’s not much you can do about the lane changers. Instead, the traffic authority in question applied a Solutions Focus mindset to find the solution (lowering speed lim- its during rush hour).

In The Solutions Focus, authors Paul Z. Jackson and Mark McKergow give you the tools to head straight toward workable answers for your busi- ness or enterprise.