The prime solution

In his previous book, Mastering the Complex Sale, sales strategist and adviser Jeff Thull wrote, “Spectacular success is always preceded by unspectac- ular preparation.” Achieving and sustaining profitable growth in a highly com- petitive global market requires this kind of extensive, yet unspectacular prepara- tion, in order for you to harness the full range and depth of expertise in your organization, and to use that expertise to provide value to customers — value that will help you create and sustain crucial, long-term customer relationships.

To succeed in this value creation, you must have technical expertise in ser- vice and support, you must know how to sell your wares to needy customers, and you must be able to position your company as a “sole source” to cus- tomers over time. These are the essential tenets of this summary: a detailed explanation of how businesses can close the value gap that separates the value that is promised to customers from the actual value achieved. Many fine com- panies have disappeared into that gap: Don’t let yours be one of them.