The Power of Professionalism

When only 17 percent of employees believe their leaders have the organiza- tion’s best interests at heart … When only 18 percent of Americans trust lawyers completely … When the Google search “Has U.S. business lost its way?” yields 159 million hits … Something is very, very wrong. Is it any wonder that cynicism is at an all-time high and trust at an all-time low?

The solution? Professionalism. Professional ideals build trust. And trust is the foundation for both personal and organizational success. Better professionals — and more of them — is the antidote for much of what ails the business world.

In the tradition of business consultant Bill Wiersma’s demonstrated ability to shift people’s thinking in new and powerful ways, be prepared to think about what it means to be a professional in a whole new light.

In The Power of Professionalism, Wiersma outlines the seven key mind-sets of trusted professionals, offering a blueprint for both individuals and organizations interested in fostering a culture of professionalism.