The power of impossible thinking

To change your world, you first have to change your own thinking. The abili- ty to see the world differently can create significant opportunities, as companies such as Southwest Airlines, FedEx, Charles Schwab and others have demon- strated. But even successful models can ultimately become a prison if they limit your ability to make sense of a changing world, in the way that major airlines failed to fully recognize the threat of upstarts such as Ryanair or that music companies failed to see the opportunities and threats of music file sharing. From driving organizational growth to improving personal health and fitness to fight- ing international terrorism, your mental models shape your responses in every area of your life. The Power of Impossible Thinking provides a systematic process to help you understand the importance of mental models, assess whether your models are relevant, what kinds of models are needed, and how to act upon these models more effectively. This approach is applicable to diverse issues in personal life such as dieting or dating, business decisions such as outsourcing or growth, and societal issues such as battling terrorism or treating diseases.