The Oz Principle

Individuals and organizations the world over share the same feelings of anxiety and helplessness that beset the main characters in the story of The Wizard of Oz. The Oz Principle shows how people, use their sense of victimization to justify inac- tion, excuse ineffectiveness or rationalize poor performance and unwittingly stifle their own progress. The book also demonstrates how people who accept account- ability for making things better move beyond their victimization to overcome obstacles, deal with setbacks and rise to new heights. By the end of the journey, readers will not only have learned how to become more accountable for results, they will know how to create organizational cultures that develop and reward the sort of accountability needed to rebuild business character and culture in every job at every level.

This summary details how people and organizations, armed with attitudes of accountability, can overcome the obstacles, excuses and biases that keep them from getting the results they want.