The next global stage

A radically new world is taking shape from the ashes of yesterday’s nation-based economic world. To succeed, you must act on the global stage, leveraging radically new drivers of economic power and growth. In this summary, legendary business strategist Kenichi Ohmae synthesizes today’s emerging trends into the first coherent view of tomorrow’s global economy — and its implications for politics, business and personal success.

Ohmae shows why yesterday’s economic theories are collapsing, and explores the dynamics of the new region-state: tomorrow’s most potent eco- nomic institution. He also shows how China is rapidly becoming the exem- plar of this new economic paradigm.

This summary offers a practical blueprint for businesses, governments and individuals who seek ways to thrive in this new environment. It con- cludes with a detailed look at strategy in an era when it is tougher than ever to define competitors, customers and even companies themselves.