The new American workplace

The U.S. government’s Work in America report received national acclaim and front-page coverage in media across the United States when it was published 30 years ago. Since then, the American workplace has undergone tremendous changes, from the growth of globalization to the dra- matic decline in job security for the average worker.

In The New American Workplace, the long-awaited follow-up to the bestselling Work in America, authors James O’Toole and Edward E. Lawler III provide a comprehensive, authoritative picture of the state of the work- place today. They offer a definitive look at the major choices faced by indi- viduals, organizations and governments, and outline practical actions that allow workers and employers to take greater control of their destinies. In addition to chronicling U.S. workplace changes, they examine the factors underlying these developments, detail their impact on workers and explore future workplace scenarios for both workers and the organizations that employ them.

Based on decades of research by hundreds of leading management scholars, this summary presents a wide-ranging look at the hot-button issues that define work in America today.