The Invisible Spotlight

In The Invisible Spotlight, management experts Craig Wasserman and Doug Katz make a compelling argument that all managers work in the heat of an invisible spotlight where their every word and deed are scrutinized by employees. Remarkably, most managers are unaware of this reality. As a result, they underesti- mate the impact of the passing moments that are at the heart of their management relationships.

Wasserman and Katz tell illuminating stories from their nearly 40 years in the trenches about management successes and misadventures in the unseen spotlight. Each story acts like a mirror, reflecting the reader’s own management challenges. The authors’ realistic observations and insights gained as consultants enrich the lessons that are offered.

The Invisible Spotlight presents a fresh, practical perspective on building sound management relationships. Whether you’re a brand new, first-line supervisor, an experienced middle manager or a seasoned senior executive, you’ll find something here worth your time and contemplation.

The Invisible Spotlight: Why Managers Can’t Hide offers readers a hard look at the soft side of managing.