The growth gamble

Conventional business wisdom dictates that companies should focus their sites on growth. But growth is no certain thing, say the authors of The Growth Gamble. Not all companies are built for rapid growth: Their markets are unsteady or extremely competitive, their infrastructure is not sufficiently flexible, or they don’t have the quality or quantity of people to lend to the effort. For these companies, a slow or steady growth curve, over years or even decades, is the healthiest option. While this flies in the face of convention, the business land- scape is littered with organizations that went belly up because they tried too hard to expand their businesses too far from what they did best, or did so too rapidly to keep themselves solvent. Much of the damage was caused by a lack of rigorous analysis, or the want of a screening tool to help leadership determine what new avenues were right for their companies, and when. With The Growth Gamble and its invaluable New Businesses Traffic Lights Toolkit, businesses have what they need to grow smartly and avoid potentially fatal errors.