The Extraordinary Leader

For too long, the subject of effective leadership has been shrouded in fog and ambiguity. This summary removes the shroud to reveal leadership as a skill, one that can be consciously learned and developed by anyone. It identifies the competencies necessary for effective leadership by analyzing the responses of tens of thousands of work force members as they describe, in effect, “What makes a great leader?”

Two of today’s pre-eminent leadership experts analyze the answers and provide a broad and universal model for achieving exceptional results.

A major weakness in most leadership development programs has been the tendency to aim low and strive for incremental improvements in individual areas of weakness. When the results inevitably fail to impact the bottom line, organizations abandon programs as unsuccessful — and again resume their misguided focus on uncovering and eliminating leadership weaknesses instead of identifying and developing leadership strengths.

This summary instead focuses on the ability — in fact the necessity — for individuals to hone their leadership competencies in multiple areas, and organizations to develop great leaders in as many areas as possible. It provides research-based strategies for strengthening leadership both in individuals and in organizations.