The dollarization discipline

At the heart of The Dollarization Discipline lies the concept of understand- ing the financial impacts a product or service has on its buyer. Although this involves the idea of “total cost of ownership,” it focuses on more than just cost reduction and cost avoidance. In The Dollarization Discipline, marketing guru Jeffrey J. Fox, best-selling author of How to Become a Rainmaker and other books, and management consultant Richard C. Gregory describe how organi- zations can also measure the financial impact of noncost benefits, including increased market share, increased sales volume, and increased pricing power. The authors explain that “dollarization” should be a discipline that businesses apply across a broad set of sales, marketing and management activities, forc- ing organizations to be customer-focused and customer-driven.

Helping companies to stay focused on the financial performance that is the ultimate arbiter of their customers’ success is a primary ingredient of dollarization, and throughout The Dollarization Discipline, the authors describe how the difficult task of dollarization can be put into practice.