What drives some people to accomplish spectacular things, to fulfill aspirations beyond anyone’s expectations and to make a lasting impression upon everyone around them? For authors James Champy, the former head of CSC Index and co-author of Reengineering the Corporation, and Nitin Nohria, a professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School, the answer is ambition. They believe that ambition is the key ingre- dient that transforms a simple idea into a global business, topples an empire, or turns a family of immigrants into a financial dynasty.

Most of us dream of greatness from an early age. We envision growing up to be like our role models, whether they are our parents, teachers or ath- letes. We are further inspired as we read our schoolbooks and learn about national heroes such as Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks and Sally Ride. All of these experiences nurture the seedling of ambition that was planted at birth.

Yet, people have always had ambivalent feelings about ambition. Although we recognize that it is essential, we regard it as slightly danger- ous. We don’t approve of those who abuse it, but we don’t respect those who lack it. However, history confirms that ambition is more often good than bad. In fact, good ambition is the lifeblood of human achievement.

In this summary you will learn what ambition is and how to use it to accomplish great things for yourself, your family and your company. Specifically, you will learn about the fundamental abilities that can take you up the arc of ambition, including:

● Seeing what others don’t.
● Recognizing when to seize the moment.● Never violating your values.
● Keeping control by giving it up.
● Leaving gracefully.

The habits and practices of ambitious people aren’t innate; they can be learned. If you are ready to embark on a journey that can take you to the top of the arc of ambition, turn the page.