The Accountable Leader

The Accountable Leader is centered around three themes — leadership, account- ability and organizational structure.The book illustrates how the three concepts are related, and how accountability is at the heart of sound organizational architecture, which in turn is a pre-condition for truly effective leadership, leadership develop- ment and a rewarding career path.

The Accountable Leader is an explanation of how the structure of organizations has a profound impact on the ability of managerial leaders to perform their job effectively. It also describes how organization design has a huge impact on the indi- vidual well-being and happiness of those people earmarked for future promotion, so much so that talented staff may well leave an organization rather than suffer the effects of operating inside a poorly designed organization.

The Accountable Leader explores what it means for managers to be held to account at all levels in an organization.The author demonstrates that most leadership-related problems arise from the ineffectiveness of organizational structures that lack accountable jobs.