Success built to last

Imagine discovering what successful people have in common, distilling it into a set of simple practices and using them to transform your company, your career and your life.

Authored by three nationally acclaimed thought leaders in organization- al development and self-improvement –– including Built to Last co-author Jerry Porras –– Success Built to Last challenges conventional wisdom at every step.

It draws on face-to-face, unscripted conversations with hundreds of remarkable people from around the world, including billionaires, CEOs, presidents of nations, Nobel laureates and celebrities. Meet unsung heroes who’ve achieved lasting impact without obvious power or charisma. Famous or not, almost all started out ordinary.

The authors’ use of interviews helps set this book apart from others in the field. So does their reliance on original independent survey data rather than third-party sources. The authors’ survey shows that whether respon- dents perceived themselves as successful or not, “The traditional dictionary definition of success no longer describes what success means to them.” Their book is an engaging effort to demonstrate both the varied ways of interpreting success and the varied paths that lead to it, unburdened, they write, “by the need to believe or disbelieve.”

Above all, this book describes how successful people stay successful and how you can too.