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Launched in 1995, Tesco Clubcard is the world’s most successful retail loy- alty program. Since then, Tesco has transformed its relationship with its cus- tomers. Today, Tesco is the United Kingdom’s most successful retailer and the world’s most successful Internet supermarket. It is also a leader in the financial services market and perhaps the best retailer in the world at managing customer relations. In this summary, you will learn how Tesco went from being just one of three grocery chains in Great Britain, fighting for its share of customers and their wallets, to the undisputed leader. You will see the action behind the scenes as Tesco begins to learn exactly why customers shop at Tesco and what they want from the retailer. By creating the world’s leading customer relationship management program, Tesco has learned a lot about what it takes to retain those customers and induce them to spend more. Through its innovative Clubcard, Tesco has learned that rewarding good customers is great for business. What Tesco has learned from its program can serve as inspiration for others just now launching loyalty programs or trying to leverage the information theirs provides into sales.