Reviving Work Ethic

Reviving Work Ethic is a guide for frustrated managers and leaders on how to instill a strong work ethic in the modern workforce.

Work ethic in America is fast declining, plaguing young and old alike. But inReviving Work Ethic, renowned consultant, speaker and author Eric Chester shows that you do best to focus on your young employees — those whose habits and ideals can still be influenced. He presents an incisive look at the root of the enti- tlement mentality that afflicts many in the emerging workforce and shows you the specific actions you can take to give your employees a deep commitment to per- forming excellent work.

Chester’s advice is crucial to a healthy bottom line: Too often, talented-but- difficult-to-understand younger workers stand between your company and profits. If business owners, managers and executives are not connecting with employees and modeling the key components of work ethic, employees are likely not con- necting effectively with customers — leaving all kinds of money on the table.

Reviving Work Ethic is the culmination of years of research as well as presenta- tions to more than 2 million youth. Chester’s experience shows in his confident analysis of the seven components of work ethic and in his proven strategies for handing them down to young employees.