Relationship Economics

What’s the most valuable asset you or your business possesses? Is it your physi- cal resources? Your intellectual properties? Your work force? Your skills and knowledge? All are important aspects of business success. But you can’t get the most advantage from any one of them if you don’t make the right strategic invest- ments in your relationships.

Relationship Economics takes a unique view of business relationships as a plat- form for long-term business growth and success that goes far beyond simplistic “networking.” It is about prioritizing and maximizing a unique return on strategic relationships to fuel unprecedented growth.

Based on the author’s global speaking and consulting engagements, Relationship Economics explains the three major types of relationships — personal, functional and strategic — and how to focus each to fuel enterprise growth. It also introduces new concepts in relationship management, including the exchange of Relationship Currency® and the accumulation of Relationship Capital®. These are fundamen- tal measures of business relationships, and once you understand them, you will be able to turn your contacts into better executions, performance and results.