Rainmaking Conversations

Conversations make or break everything in sales. Every conversation you have is an opportunity to find new prospects, win new customers and increase sales.Rainmaking Conversations by sales training experts Mike Schultz and John Doerr provides a proven system for leading masterful sales conversations that fill the pipeline, secure new deals and maximize the potential of your accounts.

Rainmaking Conversations offers a research-based, field-tested selling approach that will help you master the art of the sales conversation. This proven system revolves around the acronym RAIN, which stands for Rapport, Aspirations and Afflictions, Impact and New Reality. With RAIN, you’ll learn how to ask your prospects and clients the right questions and help them set the agenda for success.

Armed with the knowledge of the markets you serve, the common needs of prospects, and how your products and services can help, you can become a trusted adviser to your clients during and after the sale.