Over decades of consulting with corporations and teaching MBA students the nuances of organizational power, Jeffrey Pfeffer has watched numerous people suf- fer career reversals even as others prevail despite the odds.

He explains that our most common mistake is not having a realistic under- standing of what makes some people more successful than others. By believing that life is fair, he writes, we tend to subscribe to the “just-world phenomenon,” which leaves us unprepared for the challenges and competition of the real world.

In Power Pfeffer brings decades of insights to a wider audience. Brimming with counterintuitive advice, examples from various countries and surprising findings based on his research, this groundbreaking guide reveals the strategies and tactics that separate winners from losers.

Power, Pfeffer explains, is not something that can be learned from those in charge: Their advice often puts a rosy spin on their ascent and focuses on what should have worked, rather than what actually did. Instead, Power reveals the true paths to power and career success. Iconoclastic and grounded in real human inter- action, this summary is an essential organizational survival manual and a new stan- dard in the field of leadership.