Now, Build a Great Business!

The time for theory is over. The time for action is now. We are in the midst of business turbulence and turmoil greater than we have ever seen before. Economic storms end, as they always do, but we will never go back to the good old ways of doing business.

Today, competition is fiercer and more determined than ever. The challenges are greater and more demanding. The only way to survive and thrive will be to build a great business that can withstand the economic shocks of any market and rise to the top of its industry.

Even in the toughest environment, innovative, highly profitable businesses abound. And yours can be one of them. Now, Build a Great Business! is an essential success kit from business heavyweights and acclaimed authors Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy, filled with straightforward, powerful strategies to ignite growth in your business.

Packed with insights from many world-class business leaders, Now, Build a Great Business! distills a wealth of ideas and practices to uncover the core ingredi- ents of successful organizations.