Naked conversations

Today’s consumer craves human contact. We’re sick to death of voice- mail. Menus of options that never offer the option we need. A deluge of carefully spun “information” designed not to answer our concerns, but to influence our decisions. Mechanical voices telling us our call is important to them even as they refuse to answer it.

We’re frustrated in our attempts to reach a live human being, and when we finally do, all too often it’s someone who barely speaks our language and only reads from a script.

Is it so surprising that the consumer distrusts the corporation?

Into this charged atmosphere comes a phenomenon called blogging. It’s interactive. It’s informal. It’s peppered with misspellings, grammatical errors and an occasional forbidden word.

It comes from a real person. And it allows the consumer to talk back.

In this summary, you will learn why the experts believe blogging is already changing the face of business.

This summary is based on more than 50 interviews with people at all levels in all types of businesses. The experts show readers how employee bloggers altered the public’s perception of Microsoft, how company leaders use blogs to connect with customers, how small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike can benefit from blogging and how failing to use it proper- ly can be disastrous.