Mastering business negotiation

Mastering Business Negotiation is a handy resource for any leader or manager who needs practical strategies and ideas when conducting busi- ness negotiations. The authors — one a professor of Management and Human Resources at Ohio State University, the other a principal of a firm that specializes in training for leadership, conflict resolution and business strategy — base their conclusions on solid research and their many years of experience in the field. With this book, they have reduced the huge volume of available information into an easily accessible resource for busy execu- tives who need to prepare for everyday negotiations as well as for more complicated situations.

The authors contend that the basic skills and techniques of what they call “the master negotiator” are essential for resolving conflicts, handling diffi- cult conversations, protecting oneself against a competitor and managing good business deals. Their techniques and suggestions cover negotiating from a variety of perspectives and parameters, from simple to complex. Many are based on the importance of the relationship between the negotiating parties and the respective levels of importance they place on the outcome. Specific tactics used during negotiations are detailed, such as collaboration, compro- mise, how and when to divulge true intentions, how to spot and use decep- tions, and others. Invaluable for business executives, the book is also useful for more informal day-to-day negotiations on the job such as selling, buying and team building.