Managers not MBAs

Every decade almost 1 million MBAs graduate into the economy. After two years of classes they expect to manage people who have many times the amount of knowledge gained through intensive personal experience. Those without the credentials are increasingly relegated to the “slow track” and subjected to the leadership of those who do not have the legitimacy to lead. The MBA was first introduced in 1908 and went through its last serious overhaul in the late 1950s. It is time for a change. The current system ensures that the wrong people will get educated in the wrong way with the wrong consequences. There is a better way. Professor Henry Mintzberg has designed a program, the International Masters in Practicing Management, that addresses many of the problems associated with traditional programs that profess to develop managers, but instead produce ana- lysts ready to apply one-size-fits-all techniques no matter the context. By integrat- ing reflective, analytical, worldly, collaborative, and action mindsets, this philoso- phy will not only improve managers, but also their organizations and society.