If you feel like you need a whip and a chair to work effectively with your boss, client or customers, the techniques of real lion tamers can help you achieve better results. Lions are the people in all organizations who wield power and influence, and they are roaming freely in our lives. They act differently because they think differently. But they don’t have to be diffi- cult to work with!

Lions are the people all around us with power, responsibility, authority and talent — as well as the people who may simply be preoccupied with gaining more power and authority. They can be leaders, bosses, executives, professionals, managers, owners, partners, boards of directors, elected and appointed officials, colleagues, customers, clients and employees. Lions roam freely everywhere, across all occupations and professions — through- out life. Following the lions in the workplace in order to find out how to act, and as importantly when to act, leads to a twisting trail.

According to Steven L. Katz, a right-hand executive and senior adviser to leaders and executives across the worlds of business, politics, govern- ment and nonprofit organizations, lions are never tame, and you need strategies to deal with that. Katz explains that lion taming is really lion teaming. This summary will get you inside the minds of the leaders, bosses and other tough customers in your life, and help you to communicate and work more effectively together.