Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty

As a business leader today, you face an unprecedented challenge: the world- wide economic downturn. Cash and credit are dwindling, sales forecasts are dismal and morale is sinking. This is not the time to reflect. It is a time to act, decide and energize your people –– with urgency.

Answering the call for leadership becomes the most important thing you can do. You must stare into the face of uncertainty and accept the change you see coming. Neither fear nor uncertainty should paralyze you. You need to take charge, pull people together and take decisive action. This is what every leader must do now. This is your moment. Are you up to the task?

In Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty, Ram Charan describes steps you can take right now to steer your business through the minefield of contracting markets, cash shortages and ongoing uncertainty. No matter what your leadership role –– CEO, manager or department head in finance, marketing, sales and manu- facturing –– Charan’s insight will help you ensure that your business emerges lean- er, stronger and well in front of the competition.