Leaders Make the Future

We are in a time of disruptive leadership change. We need new leadership skills to succeed. The dilemmas we confront, the work forces we lead, the technologies we use and our organizational lives will change sharply in the next decade. We must develop new skills uniquely suited to the threshold decade ahead.

In a VUCA world — one characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity — traditional leadership skills won’t be enough. Leaders who combine vision, understanding, clarity and agility can thrive in a VUCA world.

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) has been doing 10-year forecasting for 40 years for some of the world’s top organizations. In Leaders Make the Future, noted futurist Bob Johansen draws on IFTF’s latest 10-year forecast to introduce 10 criti- cal new skills that will help leaders see new connections through the chaos and make a better future. He also provides role models, tools and advice to help you develop these future leadership skills.

Combining research-based forecasts, real-world examples and astute analysis, Johansen offers help to leaders who need to cope with and thrive in an extremely uncertain world.