Leaders at All Levels

Companies are too often short on the quantity and quality of leaders they need at all levels. But they could fill their leadership vacuum, says business adviser and author Ram Charan, if they knew how to spot and develop their potential leaders.

Most processes for finding and developing the potential leaders within an orga- nization are deeply flawed. Companies need a completely new approach.This new approach, outlined in Leaders at All Levels, is called the Apprenticeship Model. It focus- es on spotting leaders early and putting them in situations that drive them to grow fast. It transforms leadership development from a discrete activity run by the human resources staff to an everyday activity that is fully integrated into the fabric of the business, and in which line leaders play a central role.

The Apprenticeship Model of leadership development requires profoundly dif- ferent attitudes and mind-sets as well as major organizational changes, and the results don’t come quickly. But it is eminently practical, based on decades of obser- vation of hundreds of leaders in dozens of companies. Companies that have embraced Charan’s leadership development model have built powerful talent engines that give them an edge.