Innovation X

The word innovation is one of the most widely used — and misunderstood — terms in business. What used to be a means to create a successful enterprise, improve the lives of customers and make the world a better place has been distort- ed to become an end in itself — usually nebulous in definition and almost always immeasurable.

Clearly, innovation is broken. But innovation is not the problem. The prob- lem is the problem — and the solution.

In Innovation X, Adam Richardson, creative director at frog design inc., defines a new class of business problems — X-problems — tough new challenges that thwart conventional planning but present massive innovation opportunities.

Grounded in insights about rapidly changing customers, competitors and tech- nologies, Innovation X outlines a proven process for translating customer insights into relevant innovations.

Challenging conventional wisdom, this summary shows why companies must start crafting solutions before they fully understand the problem, how standard customer-focused approaches hinder innovation leadership and that “wasteful” innovation provides greater efficiency. Featuring case studies from leading compa- nies, Innovation X offers business leaders and managers the information and tools they need to accomplish truly effective innovation in today’s disruptive climate.