How the Best Leaders Lead

Leadership is the critical factor that determines the success of any business, department or organization. The ability to select, manage, motivate and guide employees to achieve results is the true measure of any leader’s success.

In How the Best Leaders Lead, business expert and renowned author Brian Tracy reveals the strategies used by top executives and business owners everywhere to achieve astounding results in difficult markets against determined competition.

Tracy gives business leaders and managers at every level a series of practical, proven ideas and strategies that they can use immediately. He describes how you can plan for the future while managing the present, how to motivate people in turbulent times, how to communicate and get ideas across to others, and a variety of ways to build, manage and motivate winning teams. He also tackles the issues involved in hiring and keeping the best people.

Great leaders determine their ideal leadership style for any situation, identify opportunities and take concrete action. With this summary, anyone can learn how to become a better and more effective leader, and get more done faster than they ever dreamed possible.