How Companies Win

For more than 20 years, the growth formula for business has been to increase revenues by expanding product offerings while simultaneously streamlining supply. But with the recent “Global Recession,” the world economy has changed, in all likelihood forever. The old tools — most notably supply-chain management — are no longer enough. In this Demand Economy, characterized by long-term oversupply and virtually all goods and services flat to contracting demand and diminished pricing power in almost every market, the challenge is to locate and capture the elusive pools of high-profit demand.

The answer is a revolutionary, demand-driven model that has already proved successful for some of the world’s most admired companies. At the heart of this powerful new business model is an achievable vision for a new kind of winning company, one that uses sophisticated new tools and techniques to discover, char- acterize and then serve these pools of high-profit demand — and, in the process, gain pricing power in that marketplace.

How Companies Win shows how organizations can use everything from social networks to more revealing and effective consumer-research techniques, and then introduces the demand chain, the logical new partner to your supply chain. The principles, case histories and insights presented in How Companies Win will help your business run faster, cut costs, and become better able to deliver high-quality products and services, even in the tightest economic climate.