Great Business Teams

Everybody knows that great organizations start with great teams. But it turns out that there is a code for standout performance within great teams that applies to every organization, regardless of size, type or industry affiliation. Cracking this code does not guarantee a perfect outcome every time companies engage in com- petitive play, but by changing the game, companies can acquire a sustained com- petitive advantage and the ability to excel in a very difficult marketplace.

The code is the horizontal organization — an organization in which everyone operates according to a clearly defined set of decision-making protocols, where people understand what they are accountable for and then own the results. In Great Business Teams, renowned business consultant Howard M. Guttman draws on his decades of experience inside some of the world’s most successful corporations to show how that powerful new high-performance horizontal model has changed the way leaders lead, team members function, challenges are met and decisions are made.

Though “going horizontal” requires leaders to fulfill certain imperatives, behave in certain ways and be responsible for aligning their teams with company goals, it also requires every employee develop the skills and characteristics of a “leader”: become more intellectually invested in group performance, embrace accountability and handle conflict well. It’s for these reasons that great teams do more than improve a company’s performance; they continually raise the bar and redefine what “high performance” means.