Good Company

Companies shirk taxes while padding profits. Firms foul the planet but keep raking in revenue. Reckless greed on Wall Street goes largely unpunished. More evidence that bad guys finish first in business? No. A different story is unfolding.

In Good Company, noted economist Laurie Bassi and her co-authors, Ed Frauenheim, Dan McMurrer and Larry Costello, show that, despite the dispiriting headlines, we are entering a more hopeful economic age. They call it the “Worthiness Era.” And in it, the good guys are poised to win.

Good Company explains how this new era results from a convergence of forces ranging from the explosion of online information sharing to the emergence of the ethical consumer and the arrival of civic-minded Millennials. Across the globe, people are choosing the companies in their lives in the same way they choose the guests they invite into their homes. They are demanding that companies be “good company.”

Using a host of real-world examples, Bassi and company explain each aspect of corporate worthiness and prove that virtue is now more than just its own reward.