Free Prize Inside!

A free prize is not a gimmick. It is a game-changing soft innovation; a cool twist that doesn’t cost a fortune but transforms the way people think about your product or service. In an era when the real marketing happens inside a product, not in the ad pages of a magazine, marketing guru Seth Godin encourages read- ers to take on the challenge of doing the essential task of creating innovation. Godin explains that one cannot create innovation by building an organization that is automatically and effortlessly innovative. Instead, companies must create innovation by creating a desire among individuals to do the difficult work that makes innovation happen. Whether you are a CEO, a mid-level manager or a mail-room clerk, you can be innovative and grow without relying on big adver- tisement campaigns or technological tricks — these are either too expensive or too difficult to execute. There is a third way: the leveraging of insightful, useful small ideas or soft innovations that anyone can come up with. When done right and championed properly, these ideas can make your business remarkable.