Flawless consulting

For 15 years, internal and external consultants have relied on Peter Block’s landmark best seller, Flawless Consulting, to learn how to deal effectively with clients, peers and others. Using illustrative examples, case studies and exercises, Block — one of the most important experts in his field — offers his legendary warmth and insight.

In this summary you will discover strategies for engagement, implemen- tation and preparation for feedback. Block also explores whole-systems discovery, flawless consulting from diagnosis to discovery, and ethics and the shadow side of consulting.

This summary is for anyone who does consulting, even if you don’t call yourself a consultant. It is about having leverage and impact when you don’t have direct control. Leverage and impact mean that the consultant’s expertise is used and his or her recommendations are accepted. This makes for job satisfaction for consultant and client alike. The path to having lever- age and impact is called flawless execution. This summary is a guide to developing skills to navigate this path.

Consulting flawlessly requires intense concentration on two processes: being as authentic as you can be at all times with the client and attending directly, in words and actions, to the business of each stage of the consult- ing process. This summary describes what authentic consulting behavior looks like. It also describes the business side of each stage of the consulting process.