Organizations face many challenges in today’s shaky economy — com- petitive battles, increased costs, decreased margins, and a host of other internal and external forces. In order to shore up their companies’ respons- es to these factors, today’s leaders must be able to take the goals they set for their organizations and turn them into results. Unfortunately, too many companies struggle to bridge the gap between goals and results — they cre- ate solid, logical, even bold plans, but are unable to execute properly.

Honeywell CEO Larry Bossidy and management advisor Ram Charan contend that the reason for this gap is that businesspeople do not think about execution as a discipline or a cornerstone of a business’ culture — and they must. From middle management all the way up to CEO, a compa- ny’s leaders must recognize execution as the most important collective set of activities in which they can engage. No more is there room for leaders who rely merely on their vision to get from goals to results; to survive, they must get more involved in the details of execution. There is much work to be done, and Execution shows you how to do it.