Exceptional Selling

Exceptional Selling is a practical guide to sales success that shows sales professionals how to avoid the many traps of self-sabotage brought about by pressure and traditional sales approaches. It shows sales profes- sionals how to create a different kind of relationship with the customer and use powerful diagnostic principles to reframe the typical sales conversation into open, honest and straightforward communication.

Even today, with so much sales experience in the world, the market- place is cluttered with seminars, consultants, trainers and books that espouse antiquated approaches to selling. The goal of this summary is to show you that by replicating the practices of top-performing professionals, you’ll learn new, exceptional ways to sell that can set you apart and pull you ahead of the pack. Those of you looking to notch up your skills in order to compete effectively in an ever-evolving market will see that fine-tuning some areas of your approach can have a major impact on your results.

Sales professionals and entrepreneurs will also be warned about the pit- falls that can get them into trouble, such as creating “dangling insults” that can shut down conversations with both customers and best-qualified prospects. Sales conversations are rife with such traps. Exceptional Sellingexposes those traps and offers logical and proven alternatives that enhance the clarity, relevancy, credibility and trust that sales professionals are try- ing to create in conversations with customers.