While the great majority of companies want to be good at delivering the cus- tomer experience, very few are investing the necessary resources to create the sys- tems to define the experience and ensure it is consistently brought to life. As con- sumers, we are fed up with tolerating employees in companies who act as if they are doing us a favor by providing … well … customer service.

In ENGAGED! you will see why world-class companies have fiercely loyal customers who proactively recommend them to others and who buy more and more often. These companies all have one thing in common –– engaged employ- ees who are motivated and committed to act in the company’s best interest. ENGAGED customers fall in love with your company, are more loyal, proactively tell others about you, and buy more of your company’s products and services (and do so more often). As you will learn, the benefits of engaging your workforce and customers are easy to see and difficult to refute.

ENGAGED employees Live the Brand to help their company Achieve Brand Integrity. To Live the Brand means you KNOW the mission, values, brand posi- tioning, guiding principles, etc., that your company has announced to the work- force and marketplace, and you know how to DO them in your day-to-day job.