Ecological Intelligence

Daniel Goleman, author of the best-sellers Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership now introduces Ecological Intelligence — revealing the hidden environ- mental consequences of what we make and buy, and how with that knowledge we can drive the essential changes we must make to save our planet and ourselves.

We buy “herbal” shampoos containing industrial chemicals that can threaten our health or contaminate the environment. We dive down to see coral reefs, not realizing an ingredient in our sunscreen feeds a virus that kills the reef. We wear organic cotton T-shirts, but don’t know that the dyes may put factory workers at risk for leukemia. In Ecological Intelligence, Goleman reveals why so many of the products that are labeled “green” are a mirage, and he illuminates our wild incon- sistencies in response to the ecological crisis.

Drawing on cutting-edge research, Goleman explains why we, as shoppers, are in the dark over the hidden impacts of the goods and services we make and con- sume –– victims of a blackout of information about the detrimental effects of pro- ducing, shipping, packaging, distributing and discarding the goods we buy.

What Goleman calls “radical transparency” will enable consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions, and will drive companies to rethink and reform their businesses, ushering in, he claims, a new age of competitive advantage.