Eat People

Andy Kessler is fed up with people who spout nonsense about what it takes to launch and grow a kick-ass business.

In his distinguished career as a stock analyst, investment banker, venture capi- talist and hedge fund manager, Kessler learned the no-B.S. truth about great start- ups. He evaluated people like Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell long before they were Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell. And he’s heard hundreds of pitches from smooth talkers whose ventures quickly crashed and burned.

Kessler figured out that, in good times or bad, superstar entrepreneurs don’t just start profitable companies; they overturn entire industries. They identify and latch on to trends that go up and up and up. They make the world more efficient, make life better for their customers and make themselves insanely rich in the process. From Wal-Mart to Intel, low-tech to high-tech, the classic formula of creative destruction keeps playing out.

But Eat People isn’t just a capitalist manifesto or a rah-rah book about how great it is to start a disruptive company. Kessler tackles the big question: Before you try launching the next Google, how can you tell if you’re making a smart bet or chasing a delusion? He boils everything he’s learned into 12 surprising, and often controversial, rules.