Divide or Conquer

Conflict is inevitable. But whether it makes or breaks your team depends only on the strength of the relationships within it.

Ever been on a team where people can’t get along to save their lives? These relationships are corrosive not just to the people involved but to the entire group — and their results.

This summary offers a new way to think about teams: not as a bunch of indi- viduals, but as the sum of their relationships. Great teams don’t assume everyone will get along. They anticipate conflict, and use it to strengthen their relationships. In contrast, dysfunctional teams avoid or work around conflicts, which only ends up harming their relationships and their ability to get things done.

Every team is only as strong as its weakest relationship. When teams neglect key relationships, they do so at their own peril.

Relationships are not a matter of personal chemistry too mysterious to decode or too difficult to change. This summary shows that it’s possible both to under- stand how relationships work and to change their course — before it’s too late.