Dealing with DARWIN

Business is becoming increasingly competitive — globalization, deregula- tion and commoditization have taken their toll everywhere you look. Companies are forced to innovate or fold; it’s a constant pressure that goes beyond mere competition — it’s about survival. Who will the survivors be? They will be the ones that win the scarce resources of customer purchases; the ones that gain customer preference because of their innovation; the ones creating next-generation offers and raising the bar for the future. It’s evolu- tion in every sense of the word. Survival of the fittest. Dealing with Darwin.

In this summary, bestselling author and consultant Geoffrey A. Moore puts into clear relief the fact that innovation is not an optional “nice-to-have” in business — to innovate forever is a design specification. It’s no longer a strat- egy; it’s a requirement. Those companies that survive over the long haul must not only innovate, but they must also deal with the cyclical inertia that affects all organizations. How can you extract and repurpose resources to feed and foster new product offers? How do you differentiate your company’s products and services from those of your competition, creating sufficient separation to win revenue? According to Darwin, evolution took millions of years — you don’ t have nearly that long to build a strong competitive position. You must evolve and innovate now or suffer the consequences down the road.