Consultants & Advisers

Everyone in business will need the help of consultants, contractors or pro- fessional advisers at some time or other. In Consultants & Advisers, indepen- dent consultant Harold Lewis presents an accessible resource for individuals, businesses and organizations on how to get the best value from the consultants they hire. This summary includes answers to many common questions about consultants and advisers, as well as examples of both good and bad practices. Throughout, Lewis provides a thorough examination of everything involved, from picking consultants to writing contracts to solving problems.

This summary guides readers through the process of choosing and using consultants so they can secure the help they need and the results they intend. It helps readers avoid mistakes and pitfalls; save time, money and effort; and make the process of working with consultants really worthwhile. It also offers larger companies many lessons about where levels of risk are high, and how poor advice can cause financial loss.

After identifying the kinds of situations in which professional help might be necessary or useful, this summary discusses various ways to obtain help. It also indicates circumstances in which bringing in outside advisers might not be the best course of action.

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